Exclusive Senior Experience

Senior Year is a huge milestone!

Celebrate with a stylized photoshoot

that results in lifelong heirlooms.

Your images will reflect you

I Love to show high school seniors how amazing, beautiful, and uniques they are. I'm dedicated to create an experience that is anything but traditional and typical.

My goal is to put together one-of-a-kins photoshoot, gathering individualized props, and helping seniors choose picture perfect outfits.

Comfortable | Confident | Radiant




Details for the exclusive senior photoshoot experience


Looking for creative and unique senior pictures that make you look and feel amazing?

You are in the right place!




let's brainstorm some fun ways to make your shoot unique and get you excited! Want to photograph somewhere epic? Include your car, your dog, your family? Let's make it happen! I want this shoot to be something you're excited for, not something you're dreading...so let's work together to make it amazing! See you soon!